Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Amber peace uses her poetry and larp writing to explore themes of ptsd, abuse, love, and relationships.

A Weed by Any Other Name

“Aren’t you a treasure?” is what the Rover murmured a few hours earlier. Now they were snoring beside Sammylou and she was awake and uneasy. She had traveled with their caravan for a few days now, heading south, soon to be turning west towards Crystal Creek. This particular Rover (Ashton? Averill? Addison?) was awfully friendly, and Samantha wasn’t one to turn down another person doing the chores she was assigned. She also didn’t turn down free food or a cozy bed. Now the Rover (Maybe Ashley?) was becoming too friendly and it was time to head out. They were heading southwest, so Samantha could head east towards the coast or south. If she headed East and then back up a little bit, Eden was an option. To the south was a new settlement, so she had been told. It was also suppose to be full of Kings Court followers.

“If there’s a Kings Court group, then there has to be a KC priest or two, right? Maybe they can teach me to be fucking useful and actually be able to contribute something.”

The body beside her twitched and resettled into a more comfortable position. Outside it was dark, but a few over-eager birds were starting their morning song. Samantha peeled herself out of the quilt. She grabbed her shoes, her pack, and stuffed a few bits of food in it. A few steps up and over the back of the gate of the jalopy, and she was off. From conversations, she understood herself to be about a four day’s walk from the settlement.

“Sorry, buddy, friendly is one thing but being friends is another.”

Beat of a Different Drum

Sammylou Introduction