Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Amber peace uses her poetry and larp writing to explore themes of ptsd, abuse, love, and relationships.

Seasons Change(lings)

Seasons Change(lings)

If you’ve ever stared at your blank canvas for days - empty, confused, distracted

Do this

Sit in the sun

Stretch out your body

Wish for the sea

And remember that autumn

Is not winter

The fruit is still here

To be gathered

To be stored

To nourish us through the winter

of our lives

Tend to your art

One circle, one note, one letter

Is one more than nothing

Tilt your head back

And breath

Autumn doesn’t mean life is gone. It means life prepares, life is thinking. It is not stopping

but slowing

Breath with the rhythm of autumn

Work with the seasons

The seasons change

And we are the Changelings

Climbing to Zion

Climbing to Zion